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Surface coating with anti microbial property 

Using proven antimicrobial elements, such as silver
and copper, we give it a trade name: MICROsafeTM,
but there is no secret, they are the oldest natural
antimicrobial elements in the world. The technique
is the only recipe for its effectiveness: nano particles
of silver and copper deposited on the surface
of our pieces.


JNF MICROsafe™ technology reduces microbial growth by 99.9% on surfaces where applied.

In the MICROsafe™ process we use special non-galvanic and non-polluting finishes, achieved through PVD (Physical Vapor
Deposition) technology.

Comfort System

Technical Aid for People with Conditioned Mobility

The COMFORT SYSTEM range creates a bridge between functionality and design, providing comfortable solutions that provide a high level of well-being, hygiene and safety to all users, without compromising the design of the products.

We apply our knowledge of construction hardware and furniture to the development of options that eliminate the physical barriers encountered daily by people with reduced mobility, both in public and private spaces, such as hospitals, supermarkets,
shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and even the homes themselves .

Looking at the spaces where these barriers are usually present, we realized that functionality would have to be the focus to improve the well-being of the user and the design to make these products more humanized. Adapted to all age groups, the COMFORT SYSTEM creates a young and sophisticated environment. The support bars, bench and paper support of the range adapt to the space where they are inserted, with the possibility of their removal when they are not in use, in order to guarantee a more pleasant use when sharing spaces.

The handrail and support bars feature an ergonomic oval design, with rounded edges for a more comfortable hand fit, with good grip and secure support.